Britain Expects.. (Test Post)

Posted on August 26, 2010


The Met Office may have been quiet on this summer’s weather  predictions after last year’s blunder, but the summer sporting  predictions told of a sizzling summer to remember. Only if that were  true, England were spectacularly played out of the World Cup and today  Andy Murray quashed all hopes of a British winner at Wimbledon. Now  sport fans have put their hopes and dreams into Lewis Hamilton’s and  Jenson Button’s hands hoping that Britain can have some sort of sporting  success this year.

These hopes are likely to come into fruition, unlike the World Cup,  as McLaren are bringing a host of upgrades which their engineers are  calling nearly a total new car. What better timing then, that these  upgrades are being introduced at the British Grand Prix. Approximately  150,000 people will attend the race, which many believe could make all  the difference in the title fight. Whatever team is fastest and in the  lead of the championship after Silverstone is very likely to be the  obvious guess for this year’s title.

Last time round in Valencia, McLaren’s Lewis Hamilton qualified 3rd  with no updates compared to rival teams who bought some major updates to  the Spanish track. So this week with a special exhaust that is said to  be worth a five tenths of a second, McLaren are looking hopeful to jump  Red Bull as the fastest team. Even though the Red Bull car is still the  fastest, it has faced stiff competition from McLaren, namely in Canada.  Red Bull, however good at Silverstone, still have the ongoing curse of  mistakes and unreliability, and McLaren are ready to pounce on any  opportunity. McLaren have almost had a perfect last three races, as  Martin Whitmarsh, team principal explains,
<blockquote>“In the past three races, we’ve scored 119 points from a  possible maximum of 129, an incredible statistic that tells you a lot  about our hunger to fight at the front.”</blockquote>
However, they aren’t the only team representing Britain this  weekend:  Williams are also looking to continue the success they found  in Valencia at their home race. Both Hulkenburg and Barrichello gave a  great lap to get into Q3 and then gave a solid drive to be in contention  for a double points finish, unluckily Nico Hulkenburg retired due to a  blown tyre. So it’s looking good for Williams to get at least one driver  into Q3 at their home race.

The only other British team is Virgin Racing, who are still a long  way back, but they are looking forward to improving and trying to beat  Lotus this weekend, who themselves might say they’re ‘coming home’ even  though they are classified as a Malaysian team. But that’s another  story.

So, imagine this, Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton winning a British  1-2 at the British Grand Prix for a British team, surely that would  soften the country’s sporting woes this summer? It would certainly make  me feel a great deal better about the summer’s sport.

I will be at the British Grand Prix next weekend and will be  writing a Grand Prix diary exclusively for so keep an eye  out for it next Monday!!

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